Oct. 2014 EDUF Board Minutes




EDUF Minutes

October 14, 2014

Cornerstone Credit Union Building and Conference calls


Present at Credit Union: Ken Walker, Frank Ruckman, Sharron Shands, Freddie Williams, Russ Frazier, & Sylvia Ruckman

Via Skype from Africa: Greg & Amy Crofford

Via phone: Ted Esselstyn, Tom Nothstine, Margaret Scott, Frank Hallum, Hilbert Miller, & Dave Boblitt

Absent: Mark Wheeler, Peter Migner


Ken called the meeting to order and gave a welcome, and then Tom offered prayer.

Update on Africa Education-

Greg Crofford gave us an update on what is happening in education in Africa.  He is the Regional Education Coordinator for Africa.

He started out saying that they do not have any cases of ebola in South Africa, but urged us to pray for the countries that are dealing with it.  He added that the schools there are taking up an offering to send to help with the prevention and care for those having ebola.

There are 9 Nazarene schools operating under his care.  Some of them are:

ANU, SANU, NBCEA(Nazarene Bible College of East Africa),  CLI(Creative Leadership Institute), NTCCA, NTC of South Africa, SNCV(Seminario Nazareneo de Cabo Verde), SNM(Seminario Nazareneo em Mocambique), and NTI(Nazarene Theological Institute).  Many of these have new leadership.  There are around 11,000 students enrolled in these schools.

The question was given to ˜former' students invited to a meeting to discuss the question, "Why are you no longer a Nazarene?  They found that there was a difference when the students went to their home church.  The ceilings were low in these churches and they need to raise the ceilings.  Africa is changing and church education and churches must keep up.  They must UP their game.  This is the mission of EDUF too.

There are 9 getting a masters level degree, and 16 working on a Dr. of Ministry level.  EDUF has helped with scholarships for these students.

Pray for new leaders and directors of these schools.  Giving is important.

Amy sends her greetings.


It was opened for questions-

From this we learned that you can go to  and find out about the African Journal of Theology.

Greg gave us his priority list of needs:

  1. Scholarships for 5 students working on faculty development
  2. Need for Wesleyan resources in French (a cost of $1500)
  3. The Think Tank Annually  (9 students) This is for leadership training.   These students will write the second chapter of the African Journal of Theology.


 Devotional:  Russ Frazier

Russ and his wife Carla are raising money for support as they are Mission Corps missionaries going to teach at ANU.

He brought us the devotional based on the scripture, 2 Corinthians 3:18, "And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the spirit.

After attending a conference on our Wesleyan faith, he became more aware of what Charles Wesley wrote in his songs.  These were about Perfect Love and Hope.  Keep Christ before the students for He is our example.

Moses reflects

Christians radiate Christ

We are to radiate His Glory!!!!

We are thankful for the missionaries that radiate Holiness to students.

We stopped and had a prayer for Russ led by Freddie.


Communications/web site/newsletter-

There needs to be better communication with members and leaders.   After some discussion it was suggested that there be 4 newsletters a year.  Amy suggested 2 from Africa and 2 from the USA.

January(USA), April(Africa), August (USA), November (Africa)

Amy was asked to set up a facebook page, and Frank R to work on the Web site.

Financial Policy Discussion

Mzanzi Fund-  We are paying the interest each year on this until we sell the Belize house. 

Mnisi Scholarship-  Evangelistic Scholarship  $4,500

A motion was made and passed to have the sub-committee decide what can be done with these two funds.

Belize House-  Ken is making a trip to check on the house this week.  A motion was made by Tom and seconded by Frank R. to help Ken with the trip for $350. Motion passed.


Everyone had the reports to read that were sent to them.

Everyone needs to be on the mailing for CLA.



There was not an election of officers today.  It was agreed that the sub-committee would work on the bylaws, and the officers to be elected.  Sub-committee to be made up of Ken, Tom, Margaret, Frank R. & Dave Boblitt.

Frank Hallum suggested that in the chapters there could be smaller groups that might want to pay for small projects.  It could be done by people interested and motivated by a need.

Meeting adjourned at 12:50.


Respectfully submitted,

Sharron Shands Secretary