Letter from Dr. Greg Crofford, Africa Regional Education Coordinator

Dear partner in Nazarene education,

Africa is changing. With the influx of millions to sprawling cities like Lagos, Nairobi, Lusaka, Maputo, Luanda and Kinshasa, youth come hungry for employment. They know that higher education is a key that opens the door of economic opportunity. Those living in cities have come to expect preaching, Christian education and pastoral care to be provided at a level commensurate with their own educational aspirations. If we cannot minister to them at their level, they will go somewhere else.

On the Africa Region, we are encouraging Nazarene clergy and laity to strive for educational excellence. Our motto is simple:

Everyone Up One Level

Perhaps a pastor cannot read. "Up one level for her will mean learning how to read the Bible. Another pastor has completed a Diploma in Theology. Can he trust God for the resources to enroll in a Bachelor's degree program offered by Africa Nazarene University (Kenya) or Southern Africa Nazarene University (Swaziland)? As our Bible Colleges upgrade, we will need faculty with Master's and Doctoral degrees. A Nazarene nurse or high school teacher may already have a basic diploma qualification but senses the need for more education. How can we help them progress to the next level?

Education Development United Foundation (EDUF) has already done much to assist with scholarships, and we are grateful. Still, the challenges remain daunting. Partnering through prayer, going, and giving, we can together meet these challenges, helping many to fulfill God's call on their lives and rise to the next level educationally.

The time is now! Let's join forces and “ by the grace of God “ make a lasting impact in Africa for Christ.



Rev Gregory Crofford, PhD                                                                                  

Coordinator for Education and Clergy Development - Africa Region